Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Why Cocoa Cravings? Because...

You've never had chocolate until you've had Cocoa Cravings. There's nothing artificial about our chocolate. Nothing is over engineered. You'll notice the difference the moment you taste Cocoa Cravings chocolate.

Drinking Chocolate: Banana
Enjoy our products throughout the day. We have a cocoa product for every craving. Indulge yourself in the morning with a hot cocoa drink to start the day (we recommend the Hot Cocoa: Berry drink mix to get your vitamins and minerals).

 Have a mid-morning snack of  Special Dark Chocolate Chunks. For lunch, a smoothie made from Banana Drinking Chocolate will compliment your lunch entrees. In the afternoon, you must have Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar 71%. It's a full day of chocolate, and every cocoa taste will be unique and wonderful.