Monday, September 26, 2011

Raw Cocoa Nibs, Powder – an Anti Oxidant Powerhouse!

Raw Cocoa Nibs, Powder – an Anti Oxidant Powerhouse!

Cacao Nibs are different and so make different cocoa powder. Mix it with your nut butters for delicious fudge.

I found this exceptionally great  Organic RAW cacao nibs and OrganicRaw dark cocoa powder that contain no sugar and are approximately 45% fat.

(Use the code ESAB – and get 20% off )These beans have been slow roasted and delicately processed at very low low temperature. They have not been ground, pressed, or processed with heavy machinery except for a natural fermentation that occurs under banana leaves. They are certified organic and come from a certified organic farm deep in the Amazon… and as the company representatives say, “we sustain the trees by shade growing this cocoa…

And what amazed we was that they are then are even more careful about the processing methods to get the cocoa powder. These raw cocoa nibs are always kept at a low temperature during the harvest and fermentation process. The temperature of the air under the shade trees (heat is generated during the fermentation process) does not exceed 40° C (106° F). During the 2-3 day fermentation process these beans take on a richer chocolate taste and lose some of their bitterness.

Because of the high humidity under the leaves throughout the fermentation process, the cacao beans, once fermented, must be dried.  This takes another 2-3 days.

The cacao beans are then chopped into nibs. The outer peeling, along with the seed shell, is removed from the inner seed. The result is a delicious cacao nib that does not contain any dairy, sugar, or additives….powdered gently for you to enjoy!

What can I do with raw organic cocoa powder?

  • Use it in place of carob, cacao nibs, or mesquite!
  • Sprinkle it on top of your salad. 
  • Mix it with raw cocoa butter and dip berries in it.
  • Combine it with raw agave nectar or honey for chocolate syrup.
  • Coat your soaked nuts and seeds with it and dehydrate till crisp.
  • Make chocolate candies and bars.
  • Create creamy chocolate ice cream.
  • Make chocolate pudding by blending the powder with avocado…….