Monday, May 22, 2017

Cocoa Cravings Cold Chocolate finds a friend !

Liven up your cocktails, margaritas, and even specialty lemonades with eSutras  cocktail rimming sugars! This eye-catching bright yellow rim sugar offers a new twist to the usual cocktail garnishes. Use it alone, or mix it with another eSutras rim sugar for an extra pop of color and fruity twist that your customers will love! 

A sugared rim is the perfect complement to a whole array of cocktails, while the hint of lemon provides a surprising burst of flavor that will really put the "happy" in happy hour. 

These colorful crystals of sugar provide the perfect sparkle, flavor, and color to enhance the ever popular lemon drops, margaritas, whiskey sours, and even teas and lemonades! 

Add some flavor to the rims of cocktail glasses or get creative by using this rimming sugar to make sugar dipped lemons for a unique garnish. A blend of gourmet sugars and a tart lemon flavor in an appealing shade of yellow, this rim sugar will bring some sunshine to any martini or mixed drink on your menu.