Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Women and Chocolate

Dark Chocolate has been making a name for itself in the health industry as a previously overlooked Superfood.  Studies are coming forth with amazing facts about this “candy”. Turns out not only is Dark Chocolate as delicious as candy, the stories about it being a nutritional food is true, too!

Women in particular benefit from the nutritional value of Dark Chocolate. Studies have shown women who eat 45 grams of chocolate a week had a 20% less risk of stroke, this also ties in with its known inflammation-fighting value, which have been known to reduce heart related ailments. Rich in fiber, dark chocolate shows it may be able to work as a sort of dietary supplement, suppressing your appetite by making you feel fuller.

Forget about aspirin to heal cramps and stomach problems, Cocoa has properties that improve circulation and blood clotting. It can also be a mood enhancer, which women particularly need in winter. Less sun triggers a sort of depression in women. In honor of Women’s Appreciation Month let’s rejoice with chocolate. A Superfood staple!

Lot's of Love,