Saturday, June 24, 2017

Summer Chocolate Ideas - Only for the adventurous......

 COCOA daREDark chocolate — like semisweet and bittersweet — is often considered the most versatile of the chocolates because it's less sweet. This translates into an amazing contrast with sweet or tangy foods and bolder flavors — like balsamic — serve to bring out the richness of the confection.

This is a no-brainer, but serving dark chocolate up with a berry-streaked whipped cream and a glass of pinot noir makes for a jaw-dropping flavor profile.

Get a little crazy with dark chocolate, sprinkle in a bit of black pepper to add a heat and complexity the next time you make brownies or chocolate cake.                                  

But here are SOME - Even more taste bud-blasting pairings for dark chocolate:
Chipotle & Jalapeño
Cinnamon & Fennel
Aged gouda, Parmesan, Chèvre
Blue cheese

Even more taste bud-blasting pairings for dark chocolate:

Salmon & Shrimp
Assam tea & Earl Grey tea
Indonesian coffee & Dark-roast coffee or Espresso beans
Belgian quad (beer) &  Red zinfandel

There you have enough - ONE PAIRING - for Each LAZY SUMMER DAY ...
But wait ...
 Who wants Chocolate?

What's your favorite food/chocolate combo? Let us know and your name will be added to a drawing this month - 3 luck winners get $50 worth Cocoa Cravings - shipped to you!