Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ice Cold Summer Smoothies!

                                                         Summer is finally here!  

Running outside, long drives on a nice day, picnics, and summer concerts; anything that has to do with being outdoors I love.  But there are summer those days when it’s just too hot to do anything, even eat! Craving something cold but still nutritious?

Try a smoothie! And Cocoa Cravings has just the ingredients you need to make a delicious chocolatey, healthy smoothie. Our unique combination of chocolate and different pure fruit flavors make give you a cold tasty boost to ease those sweltering summer days.
Cocoa Cravings Banana Drinking Chocolate combines all the healthy and delicious tastes of bananas, and indulgent vanilla and rich vegan chocolate. Perfect for adding antioxidants and flavor to your healthy smoothie.  Add in a little protein powder, half a frozen banana, a tablespoon of peanut butter, and ice and you have a cold, delicious, and nutritious meal perfect on a hot summer day.

Or even try our chilling Peppermint Cocoa! Made with pure organic peppermint powder this exhilarating drink will keep you cool as a cucumber. Add 2 tablespoons of flax to combat that winter weight, some refreshing fruits like pineapple, ice and watermelon for a thirst satiating summer staple!

Looking for an extra bite? Try our Picante Drinking Chocolate made with tasty cinnamon, pure chili powder,  and an ayurvedic blend of spices this truly unique drink is a bit of something different pair with mango and other exotic flavors to create a different kind of summer treat!

With lots of summer fun,