Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beat Cellulite with Cocoa – Proof irrevocable.

Beat Cellulite with Cocoa – Proof irrevocable.

Facts and Fiction on cellulite, here is a quick synopsis:
Cellulite is simply fat. False.
Cellulite is mostly fat that has been damaged and is the result of poor circulation and drainage. Dr Elizabeth Dancey, a London cosmetic medicine practitioner and author of The Cellulite Solution, says women’s fat cells are held in supporting fibres that are not as closely interconnected as men’s and therefore an inactive lifestyle results in the fibres tightening their hold on the fat cells which then leads to that stubborn, ugly dimpling we call cellulite. So do watch your weight and don’t be a slave to your desk or sofa!

Cellulite is hereditaryTrue.
Just as some families are susceptible to certain diseases, the possibility of extreme cellulite being present is no different. But hormones, diet and lifestyle play an important role too, so if your mum and grandmother have or had cellulite, it doesn’t mean to say that you can’t influence it. Therefore, the sooner you take care of yourself, the better.

Cellulite on you means you are overweight.  False.
This is one of the most common myths and can be very frustrating for those people who are not overweight. Over 80 per cent of women in the western world have cellulite to some degree and that includes skinny people and even supermodels (Tyra Banks has admitted to having cellulite).

A healthy diet will prevent cellulite   This is surprising but not true.
Of course, a healthy diet is always a good idea, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t get cellulite at all. ‘We do know that anti-oxidants neutralize free radicals, which are implicated in the cause of cellulite and improve micro-circulation,’ says Dr Dancey. ‘Essential fatty acids, like Omega 3 and 6, are also anti-inflammatory and reduce cells sticking together.’ She advises lots of colored fruit and vegetables, especially broccoli and blueberries, along with fish oil in your diet, while steering clear of junk food and artificial sweetener.

Exercise will smooth out cellulite. True.
Although it won’t get rid of it, as even athletes can have cellulite. The fact that working out improves circulation, removes excess fluid and tones muscles, means that skin will look smoother, regardless of the cellulite. Brisk walking is also good as it improves circulation in the lower body. It’s also easy to incorporate into your daily regime, so get off the bus a stop early and take the stairs instead of the lift occasionally.
Now that we have this under control, let us see what cocoa powder or raw cocoa nibs can do to help control cellulite. Two of the constituents of cocoa and chocolate products are caffeine and Theobromine.
Because of the very mild stimulant effects of cocoa powder, attributable to mixing Theobromine with caffeine, cocoa extracts containing both ingredients have recently entered the market as weight-loss extracts, according to research conducted by Anthony Almada, MS

Another more recent study by a giant in the chocolate industry says extracts from cocoa may block carbohydrate and lipid breakdown in the gut, and aid weight management.“The present study provides the first evidence that cocoa extracts and cocoa procyanidins are potent inhibitors of key enzymes in the digestion of carbohydrates and lipids in vitro, and these inhibitory activities are related to polyphenol content in cocoa extracts,” wrote the authors in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.
Most of the above benefits in cocoa come from the polyphenols, antioxidants and theobromine. The other active ingredient is caffeine. Caffeine has the following recorded effects on weight:

Appetite suppression. Caffeine may reduce your desire to eat for a brief time, but there’s not enough evidence to show that long-term consumption aids weight loss.

Calorie burning. Caffeine may stimulate thermo-genesis — one way your body generates heat and energy from digesting food. But this probably isn’t enough to produce significant weight loss.

Water loss. In some people, caffeine can act as a diuretic, which means it increases the amount of urine you excrete. This increase in urine output, mostly water loss, may temporarily decrease your body weight, but it doesn’t result in the loss of body fat.

But wait there is more. External application of Cocoa – is a proven remedy for weight loss.

Body brushing is not a miracle cure, but it does seem to help, especially if you improve your dietary habits too. Five minutes of dry body brushing before your bath or shower helps cellulite by getting fluid moving and boosting blood flow. Body brushing is a super-effective way to improve circulation, so that your problem areas look and feel smoother and more streamlined. Body brushing helps our lymphatic drainage system to remove toxins from the body. In so doing, it helps to reduce cellulite in our thighs and buttocks, where fats, proteins and waste products tend to accumulate.

How to brush your body?
Get out an oz or two of cocoa powder (coarsely ground cocoa nibs work excellently well) and  add a tablespoon of coffee grinds. Mix well. Use a loofah or a silk mitt or a simple soft natural bristle brush and remember long strokes. Start at your feet, brushing up your legs and thighs towards the groin. Work in circular movements over the tummy. Your skin may redden and start tingling as the body-brushing increases circulation in areas of greatest fat concentration. Get your circulation and lymphatic system moving, and your skin tone and cellulite are bound to improve…..

Ah, all said and done for me all of the above, indeed make me reach out for that big bag of my organic cocoa poweder or cocoa beans.  How about you?