Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Cocoa Cravings takes the spotlight - and shines!

As April draws to a close, world chocolatiers are referring knowingly and mysteriously to the impending end of the "chocolate season".    Not for us at Cocoa Cravings........

We actually are getting more attention... even  our on the media. Our founder was on WGN 720 Radio last night with famous Patti Vasquez, talking about Cocoa Cravings  and the Chicago Artisan Chocolate  Show this Saturday and Sunday April 22nd and 23rd, 2017.

Patti says she can eat good chocolate any time. We agree..        

As such, popular chocolate season kicks off before Halloween, taking in Christmas, Valentine's and Mother's days and ends just after Easter (give or take a bit of abstention for Lent).

That said, weather does play a part according to the experts, as people consider it too hot to eat chocolate in July and August and turn to the chocolatiers' ice cream instead.

But we at Cocoa Cravings - help you take your love for chocolate one step further - Berry Drinking Chocolate - and Ice Cold  is delicious!!          

Made with very few ingredients, and some of Mother Nature's finest, you can enjoy indulging in these lovely little treats without any nasty additives.
 Made with Love!

These are the ingredients that make you appreciate how perfect chocolate can be.

Plus, you will get a nice dose of happiness from the boost of nutrients you and your loved ones will receive!